gRPC-Java Flavors

Aside from grpc-java, this library also supports other java based grpc-implementations.

Flavor Server Client
grpc-java ✔️ ✔️
Reactive gRPC (Reactor) ✔️ ✏️
Reactive gRPC (RxJava) ✔️ ✏️
grpc-kotlin ✔️ ✏️
ScalaPB ✔️ ✏️
akka-grpc ✔️ ✏️
✔️ ✏️

✔️ = Build-in support | ✏️ = Requires customization

Note: You might require additional dependencies depending on your grpc java flavor.

Server side

The server side should work without any additional configuration. Just annotatate your implementation of the generated BindableService class with @GrpcService and it will be picked up automatically.

See also:

Client side

The client side requires a StubFactory for each type of stub.

This library ships the following stub factory beans by default:

Please report missing stub types so that we can add support for them.

See also: